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Kapila uses and recommends: O.P.I., Cuccio Naturel, NailTech, China Glaze, Allpresan, Gehwol.
Classic Manicures (1 ½ hours) $25
Soak hands in hydrating Sea Fizz, shape nails, groom cuticles, file calluses and dry skin, exfoliate with Sea Salts, hydrating oils nourishing moisturizers with a massage followed by 15 minutes of a hot relaxing treatment gloves.

French Manicure (2 hours) $30
A classic manicure toped with the season's hottest French colours.

Hot Oil Treatment Manicure (1 hour) $28
A classic manicure with no water, instead, a mixture of essential nourishing, hydrating, oils are used to soak finishing with a paraffin treatment. Your colour of choice.

Deluxe Kapila Manicure (1 ½ hours) $35
This exclusive treatment is a combination of all of the above topped with a mask. Mineral clays and moisturizer combined with essential oils create an astonishing deep detoxifying hydrating cooling mask.

Kapila Rocks (1 ½ hours) $35
Our classic manicure is enhanced with a relaxing and therapeutic hot stone massage. It relaxes and improves your skin texture and circulation.

Paraffin Hand Treatment (½ hours) $20
A unique, soothing, relaxing and therapeutic experience. Our paraffin hand treatment offers a blend of natural citrus and joyaba oils mask penetrates the skin using controlled heat.

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